Why use a Loss Assessor?

We are employed to act on your behalf, to protect & represent you only. The Assessor will liaise with the Insurers or Loss Adjusters to ensure you receive the best possible settlement. A loss assessor understands your insurance policy including the small print.

What is a Loss Adjuster?

Your Insurance Company will instruct a Loss Adjuster to act on their behalf. This is to try and help the Insurance Company to make savings. They will not assist you with your claim.

What service will I receive from my Loss Assessor?

Your Loss Assessor will deal with all of the correspondence that is sent to you. Arrange for any required estimates from reputable tradesman if required. The Assessor will act on your behalf at any necessary meetings.

What will Property Claims Assessors charge me?

We charge a small percentage of the total claim value, therefore our fees relate directly to performance. The increase in the settlement we achieve normally offsets our fees. We do not charge anything up front, therefore giving us a strong incentive to achieve the maximum settlement.
Property Claims Assessors have found that when dealing with rejected or complex claims, we can make the difference between you receiving a payment or nothing at all.

How long will it take to settle my claim?

Unfortunately, there are no timescales for insurance claims. However we do not receive payment until the claim is fully settled, so it is in our best interests to resolve any queries or issues as quickly as possible.

Will my insurance broker help me with my claim?

If you brought insurance through a broker they should help, although, very few brokers have the, resources or expertise to help.

At what stage should I employ a Loss Assessor?

At the earliest opportunity as your insurance company will appoint a Loss adjuster to come and meet with you within a few days of the incident occurring. The adjuster is there to investigate the circumstances of the incident on behalf of your insurers; so, it is important that you have someone independent to represent you from day one. However, we are able to assist with claims that are already in progress.